Vels Line Dried Clothes

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If you are like most, we all seem to have those great memories of how Mom's and Grandma's always seem to have the perfect, stain free, great smelling, laundry. How do they do that?

My Maw Maw Velma was indeed one of the best clothing care stewards of all times. I played hard as a child, was always dirty, and my clothing was often soiled, stained and tattered. There was no challenge too big for team "Vel".

Clothes were stain treated, washed on cold, sometimes washed again, and hung on the clothes line in the backyard for the sun to do it's magic. Although clothing usually came off of the line a little more stiff then you'd like it, the smell of it's freshness was worth every step of the process. 

My "Vel's Line Dried Clothes" candle will be sure to fill your room with the smell of pure freshness.

Fragrance Notes: 

Top Notes: Tea Leaves, Bergamot, orange

Middle Notes: Linden flowers, cotton blossom

Base Notes: Cedarwood, Fresh Linen



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