FIFOLET Candle Makers is located in the heart of the Historic District of Franklin Louisiana, on the banks of the famous Bayou Teche. 

My studio and retail shop is located inside of the old "Tavern", a small greek revival building built around 1810, by Barnet Hulick, and was historically used as a tavern and stop for folks traveling via the Teche waters. 

My small, luxury candle shop features hand poured candles, using only the finest and safest methods and products available. I use 100% US grown soy bean wax, US grown cotton for my wick, along with high quality fragrances. All of my candles are hand poured in small batches to assure the best quality possible. 

My fragrances are carefully tested and selected to replicate the most recognizable and loved fragrances found in South Louisiana, and my ever changing fragrance line up coincides with the current season. I use photographs to better describe the fragrance and experience that I'm trying to share., 

I invite you to experience a sensory journey with me, and allow a light to shine upon you.  

Chad Boutte, Chandler



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