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Just for Mardi Gras, we adorned this candle with a purple wax seal, Mardi Gras colored ribbon, and a silver Mardi Gras mask charm.



Top: Sugar, Cinnamon, Yeast

Middle: Cinnamon, Butter, Cream

Base: Vanilla

 When thinking about Mardi Gras and fragrances associated with it, the smell most used to describe the colorful occasion is King Cake! What does King Cake actually smell like? I must say, this has been one of the most challenging fragrances we've mixed yet. 

After many tester candles poured, and much discussion about how this fragrance should smell, we realized that we were trying to blend a fragrance to duplicate the "TASTE" of King Cake.  Wait, we're not eating this thing?.... IM CONFUSED!!!!  Now, do we want this candle to SMELL like the TASTE of the cake, or do we want to capture what a king Cake actually smells like? Have you ever smelled one?  Of course we had to purchase a whole King Cake to smell it... and eat it... We decided to go for the SMELL of it rather than the taste of it. 

This is for you food fragrance lovers out there. Bring this delight into your festive space and enjoy 

CHEERS, and Happy Carnival!


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