Crescent City Apples

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Our "Crescent City Apples" candle embarks on a scented voyage that resonates with the very spirit of New Orleans. Opening with top notes that evoke the briny sea breeze and the earthiness of ocean-washed leaves, it conjures a coastal ambiance that mirrors the city's connection to the sea.

The heart of the fragrance is as invigorating as a sea dip, with the scent of fresh apple orchards kissed by the salty air, where the vibrancy of New Orleans converges with the coastal allure. As the candle burns, it evolves into a base as enduring as the tides, featuring the soothing whispers of sea-scented vanilla and the sturdy presence of weathered driftwood-like cedar, reminiscent of the maritime traditions and steadfast resilience of this captivating coastal city.

This scented candle is not merely a fragrance; it's a tribute to the maritime enchantment of New Orleans, enveloping your space in the refreshing sea-kissed aura of the Crescent City. Illuminate it to embark on a sensory journey where the sea, culture, and history unite in perfect harmony.


TOP: Green Leaves, Pear



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