Juicy Creole Tomatoes

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A creole tomato is actually no different than any other tomato except that it is grown in soil from south Louisiana. Can you believe that? I know that because for years I shopped at Nursery's in search of creole tomato plants, and never found them. The ridges that may form on the top resemble a “crown” to its followers and the referenced, distinct taste raises it to its exalted ranks. 

My "Juicy Creole Tomatoes" candle was created with with hopes of capturing the earthly fragrance of a fresh cut tomatoes alongside it's fragrant foliage. The rain has stopped, the veggies need pickin', and a fresh ripe tomatoe awaits you. 

Vegetable or Fruit? Hmmnnnn


Top: Lemon Grass

Middle: Green Leaves, Grass

Base: Mossblend of lemon zest, satsuma orange, tomato leaves, jasmine, green stem, and bergamot zest, sage.

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