Carnival Court

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Just for Mardi Gras, we adorned this candle with a purple wax seal, Mardi Gras colored ribbon, and a silver Mardi Gras mask charm.


Top: Lemon Verbena, Grapefruit, Champagne

Middle: Coconut, Green Floral, Mimosa, Mandarin

Base: Benzoin, Amber


Is FIFOLET making a Mardi Gras scented candle this year? Ummmmm.... welllll.......What does Mardi Gras Smell like we asked? Our list of words to describe the smells of the festive occasion was created, and I must tell you, there was a wide range of fragrances listed, not to our surprise, many very unpleasant.

We challenged ourselves of stepping out of the crowd filled, beer soaked, parade routes, and chose to capture the more pleasant fragrances often found inside of some of the most elegant, Carnival Ball rooms throughout Louisiana. 

We present to you "CARNIVAL COURT".  With blended notes of several cocktails, Green Floral, seasonal fruit, and other amazing fragrance oils, we're happy to have captured this beautiful, classy fragrance, that we are sure you are going to love beyond the Mardi Gras season

CHEERS to the Royal Carnival Court!  


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