Campfire Serenade

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In the heart of Louisiana, where winter whispers through the cypress trees and the air takes on a refreshing chill, there's a longing for warmth and comfort. Our "Campfire Serenade" candle brings the inviting allure of a crackling campfire to your home, providing solace against the brisk Southern cold.

With its rugged leather top note, it kindles a sense of adventure, while the smoky embrace of SmokeAmyris in the middle note captures the essence of a cozy campfire beneath the starry skies. As you light this candle, you'll find yourself transported to a place where moss-laden landscapes and the faint musk of the wilderness create a serenade that soothes and beckons you to stay awhile.

"Campfire Serenade" is not just a candle; it's an invitation to embrace the enchanting magic of Louisiana's winter nights from the comfort of your own space. So, when the cold weather sets in, light the "Campfire Serenade" and let the warmth of a campfire serenade your senses


TOP: Leather

MIDDLE: Smoke, Amyris

BASE: Moss, Light Musk

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